Without our customers, there would be no reason for the Cleveland Housing Network (CHN) to open our doors each morning.  It is a privilege to do our work, and for everyone at CHN it is so much more than “just a job”. We support your happiness and success, and pledge to demonstrate our commitment to you every day and in every way.  

We are Customer-focused

  • First and foremost, we pledge to view each situation from your perspective. 
  • We strive to be accurate. If we are not, we are willing to acknowledge and resolve errors.
  • We are flexible and strive to offer convenient options for you, our valued customer.

We Respect you and each other

  • We pledge to be honest and trustworthy in our interactions with you. 
  • Being willing to listen to you, our customer, is a cherished value.  
  • Our employees come from all walks of life. Our diversity is a great strength, and gives us a distinct advantage in providing superior service to our customers.

We are Helpful

  • We are prompt and efficient and promise to keep you informed. 
  • We are accountable for the best possible outcome, every time. 
  • Our aim is to exceed expectations, and create a rewarding experience for you. 

We are Friendly

  • We make it easy and pleasant to do business with us. 
  • We enjoy the time we spend with you.