The Cleveland Housing Network offers homeownership opportunities through a long-term Lease Purchase program. The program allows families who could not otherwise purchase a home to lease a quality home at an affordable rate. Once CHN has owned the home for 15 years, the resident has the opportunity to purchase, typically at a price well below market value. Some restrictions apply.

Monthly rent depends upon the house rented, the number of bedrooms and other factors. While living in the home, Lease Purchasers are responsible for basic maintenance and repairs, outlined in “Maintenance Responsibilities- Contract of Care.” This prepares residents to become familiar with responsibilities of homeownership.

To become a Lease Purchase resident:
  • Click here to choose from our Available Homes
    Review the list of homes currently available, and choose your desired neighborhood and/or home. (We also have a small number of rental units available in our duplexes; check with the property manager).
  • Schedule a Showing.
    To tour the home(s) you are interested in, please call 216.774.2404. Please leave a message stating the address from the list you are interested in, as well as your name and a phone number. You will be contacted by the Property Manager to schedule a time you can tour the home. 
  • Fill out the Lease Purchase Application
    Return the application with a $100 "good faith deposit" to the property manager listed with the home you wish to lease. Your application will be reviewed for completeness, credit history and other eligibility requirements.
  • Attend One-On-One Counseling Session
    Once you hear back from us, you are required to attend a one-on-one credit/spending plan meeting with a HUD certified counselor.  The property manager will give you a direct referral for the one-on-one counseling session when they believe you are ready for that next step.

Check out the FAQ page, or contact Kimberly Hurt at 216.774.2373 or