HEAP (Winter Crisis Program) Begins November 3, 2014 – March 31, 2015  
HEAP assistance for Gas and Cleveland Public Power will begin on Monday, November 3, 2014 through March 31, 2015.  To help further accommodate our clients whose gas is shut off, or shut-offf is imminent, CHN (2999 Payne Ave. Suite #134) will take the first 50 walk-ins Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm. Otherwise, an appointment is preferred.

To schedule an appointment call 216-518-4014.

Senior and disabled customers may call 216-574-7100 to schedule a home visit.

The Cleveland Housing Network offers programs to help you catch up on past-due utility bills, address a shut-off crisis, and establish affordable monthly payment plans.

CHN will take the first 50 walk-ins each day at our Payne Avenue location starting at 8:30 a.m. Priority is given to those who services are off, disabled and seniors 65 and over. Clients that are current enrolled on PIPP Plus do not qualify for Crisis Payments, but will qualify for a fan or air conditioner.

Click here for medical application.

CHN is a HEAP, PIPPPLUS and E-HEAP site in addition to offering First Energy Fuel Funds (when available) and as well as Water & Sewer Affordability Programs

There are two ways to receive services:
  • To reverify or enroll in PIPP Plus and/or HEAP, Call our hotline at 216.518.4014. (Seniors age 60+ or physically disabled: Call 216.774.2351 for in-home appointments.)
    Enter the required information and an appointment date will be provided. You must enter the correct account information to confirm your appointment. Bring your current gas and electric bills, proof of past 90 days of income for everyone in the household, social security numbers for all household members, and your photo ID.

  • Daily walk-ins are available at each of our neighborhood sites.
    Click here to see CHN's HEAP Site Locations, walk-in times, and any restrictions they may have.
If you are unsure whether you qualify, click here to view utility application and the full guidelines. (You do not need to fill it out; it will be done at your appointment.)

For discounts on your water and sewer bills:

You can receive a 40% discount on your Cleveland Water bill and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District bill if you meet the income guidelines and are the primary homeowner and occupy the home for which you are applying. Please note: You must receive your bill from the City of Cleveland, Division of Water, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, or both to be eligible. 

Click here for the Water & Sewer Affordability Application
Fill out the application and return to:
Cleveland Housing Network,
2999 Payne Avenue, Suite 208
Cleveland, OH 44114

Crisis Assistance is Available!
The Crisis Assistance Program offers financial assistance in the amount of 50% of your sewer balance - up to $300 - toward your account. This assistance is available to persons who can provide documentation demonstrating financial hardship brought on by loss of job or other unanticipated event that occurred within the past six (6) months. Click here to view full eligibility requirements.

Check the FAQ section or contact the Water & Sewer  Affordability Programs, please call 888.901.1222.